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Fred Mangione, longtime Brooklyn Nets exec, assuming role of chief operating officer

Brooklyn Nets

With the Nets management team facing the new responsibilities of handling the Islanders move to Brooklyn and the rehab of Nassau Coliseum, Brett Yormark has named Fred Mangione, his longtime No. 2, as chief operating officer of the Nets and Barclays Center, a new position.

Mangione had been serving as Executive Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Revenue Officer for both the team and venue.

"Fred has been with me since 2005 and was instrumental in the strategy and execution for the opening of Barclays Center and the transformation of the Nets’ brand in the team’s move to Brooklyn," said Yormark, who remains CEO of both. "Fred is a great partner and is well deserving of the promotion and the recognition that goes with it."

Yormark's responsibilities have grown as the Nets have in recent years. The Nets management team has taken over many of the Islanders business operations as they get closer to their move to Barclays Center and is now involved as well in the rehab of Nassau Coliseum.

In Mangione's previous position, the Nets moved from last place in the NBA to Top 5 in gross ticket sales and merchandise sales. Barclays Center became the top U.S. venue for ticket sales revenue and tickets sold within its first year of operation.