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And now, Derek Fisher joins Jason Kidd in New York

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And so the Knicks, having been ridiculed for their inept handling of Steve Kerr, have decided to follow the Nets model and hire a veteran player straight off the playing floor, Derek Fisher, as their head coach.

But unlike the hiring of Kidd, the hiring of Derek Fisher will be costly.  The Nets hired their former point guard to a four-year, $10 million deal, three years and $7.5 million of it guaranteed. Fisher will be paid $25 million over five years. How much of it guaranteed is uncertain.

The news, broke by Frank Isola, was confirmed by the Knicks who announced that they will have a "major announcement" Tuesday.  As for Monday night, there was no word as to whether Fisher had officially retired. His contract would normally run out June 30.  Unlike Fisher, Kidd had two years of his contract with the Knicks when he stepped aside, leaving $6 million on the table.

Expect much of questioning at Tuesday's press conference to be about whether Kidd's success, at least in 2014, helped Phil Jackson's decision- making.