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Former Net Jerry Stackhouse may join Knicks' coaching staff next season


Jerry Stackhouse is in Treviso, Italy at the Adidas EuroCamp coaching the US under-20 team. Stackhouse seems to be hoping that coaching becomes a permanent part of his life and not just a hobby.

The former Nets reserve told Scott Howard-Cooper of that he is lobbying to get back into the NBA as a coach. The former Piston star that got derailed by injuries says that he has spoken to the Hawks and Knicks already.

Stackhouse said he talked with the Hawks last summer, soon after retiring, about staying in his adopted hometown as a player-development coach and that he met with new president Phil Jackson about a role with the Knicks in 2014-15. While staff decisions in New York are essentially on hold until a head coach is hired, the sense from Stackhouse’s side is that "there could be some realistic possibilities coming in."

Stackhouse spent his first season in retirement in the studio as a basketball analyst for Fox Sport Detroit. "I enjoyed this year, just doing some broadcasting, doing radio and still being able to build what I want to do from a basketball standpoint coaching wise," Stackhouse said.

He noted Jason Kidd's success as a player with zero coaching experience as a mold he wants to follow. "But I think I’m ready. When you look at the guys that had completely no experience, like Jason (Kidd). last year and his success, I think that’s what it’s going to. It’s going to coaches that can really understand these players now. That’s the key."

Stackhouse continued to say that his variety of roles in the league has allowed him to see the game differently and could groom him to be a fine coach. "The thing about it is, the fact that my career playing allowed me to sit in every seat, from a star player to the 15th guy on the team. I didn’t look at myself that way as a player. I felt like I could still compete and even in my last year in Brooklyn, I was able to be a part of what’s going on," He said. "But now I can understand the dynamic for everybody that I coach — as a sixth man, everything, you’ve got to try to include them.

Stackhouse played one season with the Nets, the team's first in Brooklyn, averaging 14 minutes and nearly five points per game.

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