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Jason Colllins sees his mentorship role in helping others come out as an extension of being "a good teammate"

In the year, since he came out, Jason Collins has gone from revealing his long-kept secret of being gay to having his portrait draped over the side of a D.C. Marriott in support of Capitol Pride week in Washington, where he had become friendly with the First Family, attending the State of the Union and a state dinner for the President of France.

But, as the Washington Post reports, behind the scenes, he's also taken on a role as mentor and confidant for those in the sports world, who are not quite ready to come out. Among them, Michael Sam and Derrick Gordon.

"I've had a moment, actually a couple of moments, where people have confided in me," he told the Post. "That's sort of my role now. paving the road for other people."

He doesn't see that mentor role as much different from being a good teammate ... as he had for 14 years in the NBA

"My role is what it has been my entire career: to be a good teammate and be supportive," Collins noted.