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Deron Williams "bored" but on a roll


When Billy King was asked how Deron Williams was doing after his double ankle surgery last week, the Nets GM answered, "Good. He's bored. But good."

Indeed he is. Matt Mitnick, his long-time friend, posted an Instrgram video of D-Will from the weekend showing him, with surgical boots on both ankles, rolling down a ramp on a scooter.  Mitnick provided the explanation and an array of hashtags.

@kennos_ (another friend) and @dwill8 wanted a break from me busting them in these cards and dominos so we hit these streets! #RidinDirtyOOOGBoss #RidinAroundWeGettinIt #HeThrewSomeDsOnIt #KoWalkedBareFoot #AfricanNinja #INeedAScooter #ScooterFasterThanTroy #GodzillaSucked

King said Williams will likely be on crutches until sometime in July. He'll start light basketball activities in August before ramping it up to full activity in September. He's expected to make a full recovery and return for the start of training camp. King downplayed the extent of the surgery which involved removing a bone chip from his left ankle and bone spurs in the other.

"We pretty much know it was going to be in the offseason right away," King said. He added that he wasn't concerned about the surgery and that "this is something Vince Carter’s had it, a lot of guys have had this procedure done and they wait until after the season to do it."

He admitted as well that D-Will could have had the surgery last summer but wanted to see if he could deal with the issue without undergoing the knife. He realized during the season that he couldn't.