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Where does Mason Plumlee fit in the 2014-15 Brooklyn Nets

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Last season, Mason Plumlee was under strict orders to stay in the paint and do damage there. He followed those orders, finishing first among rookies in player efficiency rating, in shooting percentage and in dunks, 116.  He also was the fastest Net on the court, according to a SportsVu analysis by The Brooklyn Game. More importantly, when he started at center, the Nets went 16-6. All good. The 22nd pick finished fourth in Rookie of the Year voting, made the first team All-Rookie.

And let's not forget that block.

But those orders also constrained him. He took seven shots outside the restricted area in 70 games, missed them all. In his senior year at Duke, he took two. Didn't make either of them. And let's face it, in the playoffs, he disappeared. So, with a healthy Brook Lopez returning along with Kevin Garnett likely coming back, where does Plumlee in the Nets rotation? Back-up center, long-term possibility at power forward?  Nets have plenty of time to decide. He's signed for 2014-15 at $1,357,080; Nets have additional team options for 2015-16 and 2016-17 seasons, none at more than $2,328,530.

He did show some skill sets that could make him an ideal power forward, on both ends of the court. He has that speed, has proven he can handle the ball better than your average seven-footer and he has a bit of a jump hook. He improved his free throw shooting.

Of course, he has to improve his outside shot --and that may be long-term, not a short-term, project. He has to get stronger too.  But the prospect of a healthy 7'2" 26-year-old Lopez and a 7'1" 24-year-old Plumlee (real heights in sneakers), whether starting together or sharing the post is one of those things most pundits don't think of.