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In game of dominoes, Kevin Garnett key to others' return

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

There are increasing indications that Kevin Garnett will return to Brooklyn for one more year --and $12 million. For the Nets, that is a good thing because their two other big off-season questions may rest in large part on KG's decision.

In season reviews Tuesday, Tim Bontemps and Ohm Youngmisuk look at Paul Pierce and Andrei Kirilenko and suggest that Garnett is likely the first domino to fall.

On Pierce, Bontemps wrote...

They can pay him more than any other team and created an environment Pierce seemed to grow to appreciate and enjoy in his first NBA season outside of Boston. Combined with continuing indications Kevin Garnett will return to the Nets next season, it’s hard to see Pierce opting to leave his old friend behind to play elsewhere.

As for Kirilenko, Youngmisuk quotes the Russian who has $3.3 million player option...

"Let’s see," Kirilenko said when asked if his decision to return will hinge on whether Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett return. "Let’s see how it goes. It’s a lot of different things in the process. Roster is definitely one of those things. You want to be on a team which is competitive, that’s the main thing."

The two are bound to get offers, Kirilenko from European teams as well as NBA. But how much more will an NBA team invest in a player aged 36 or 33? Both seem settled in New York, although they rent, not own, in downtown Manhattan, Pierce at Franklin Tower, Kirilenko at New York by Gehry.