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Will deal on Jason Kidd compensation be done by Monday?

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Mike Ehrmann

In a series of tweets Sunday evening, Charles Gardner of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and Eric Buenning of SB Nation's Brew Hoop both reported that the compensation deal between the Nets and Bucks for Jason Kidd could be done by Monday.  Quoting sources familiar with the situation, both also wrote that Kidd is only being offered the Bucks' head coaching job and not control of basketball operations.

Kidd has already met with Bucks owners Marc Jasry and Wesley Edens

The big issue remains whether the Nets will receive a first or second round pick in 2015 as compensation for Kidd.  League sources tell NetsDaily that the team is resolute in demanding a first round pick, a position the Bucks have rejected.

Marc Stein said he believes momentum is moving the talks forward.

The sides have been negotiating all weekend on compensation terms ... The word out of Brooklyn is that they are holding firm and they want a first round pick. Milwaukee clearly doesn't want to surrender more than a second round pick to get the rights to sign Jason Kidd as their coach. 

There's just more and more momentum this weekend the longer this goes on, pushing Jason Kidd to be the Milwaukee Bucks coach. Probably going to take another 24 to 48 hours to sort out, but probably ... the chances are really strong now that Jason Kidd is going to end up as Bucks' coach."

Sam Amick, however, hears that it is not close.

Adrian Wojnarowski, in a series of tweets overnight, called the possibility of the Nets coming away with a first rounder "remote" but thinks it's gets done.

And Andy Katz of ESPN quoted a source saying the Bucks are prepared to "move on" if the Nets continue to demand a first round pick.

"If the Nets agree then there will be a deal, if they don't then (the Bucks) are comfortable moving on and there will be nothing further to talk about," according to Katz's source. "The only thing (the Bucks) would give them is a second-round pick. They want a first. In the next 24 hours, there will either be a deal or there won't be a deal."

The meeting, with the Nets permission, lasted two hours, said Gardner but that it was only an interview for the head coaching job. Buenning reported the same.

As a result, Gardner wrote, things at the top of the front office will not change.

Buenning and Gardner both wrote on Saturday that Kidd would have a role in basketball operations. And Woj called the report nothing but a "smokescreen."

A league source familiar with the situation used another word to describe it, "B.S."