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Free Agency begins Tuesday. Ready?

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

Oh yeah, free agency begins at midnight Tuesday.  No big deal.  Team's coach is locked in controversy and has almost certainly will be packing his bags for Milwaukee very soon.  So, now that the team has most likely lost its coach, what will the Nets be using to lure free agents and keep the ones they have?

Here's what Kidd himself said Thursday at the HSS Training Center press conference in Industry City...

"You look at the tools that can help (in free agency)," Kidd said. "You look at the practice facility, you look at Barclays Center and what the franchise stands for — which is first class."

Indeed, all of that --and New York City-- are big deals in recruiting but the unstable nature of the front office does discount some of that. Still, we're hearing that once again, the Nets will be aggressive, particularly on the trade front, with Brook Lopez, Deron Williams and Joe Johnson (mostly) unaffected by rumors.

Internally, word is also that Shaun Livingston is gone.  Not sure where, but there re plenty of candidates.  Paul Pierce is likely to be offered somewhere in the $6 million to $8 million range but with no more than two years. He himself said in April that he has one, maybe two years, left. Kevin Garnett is expected back but for him and Pierce, Kidd was a big part of their happiness in Brooklyn.  Could Pierce simply sign elsewhere? Maybe the Clippers with Doc Rivers?  Maybe the Bulls if Carmelo Anthony goes elsewhere?  And would Garnett retire, albeit with a big buyout?

The Nets would like to have Alan Anderson back but he wants more than the vets minimum again.  They have no interest in keeping Andray Blatche, whose bizarre weekend postings on Instagram and Twitter being showcased as typical of his odd personality.

Assuming Livingston does leave, that leaves both an opening in the backcourt and a $3.3 million mini-MLE to fill.  Do not dismiss renewed interest in Jarrett Jack in the first and yes, Bojan Bogdanovic for the second.  Bojan (not Bogdan) Bogdanovic has not signed a new contract with Fenerbahce and, we're told, may finally be ready to test the NBA. He has no buyout this year.  Last year, the number was $2 million.

Who might the Nets test?  C.J. Miles, Marvin Williams, Steve Blake and Anthony Morrow are Tim Bontemps candidates. Meanwhile Fred Kerber writes that Livingston's options could include Toronto if Kyle Lowry bolts.