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Andray Blatche: "[Screw] Brooklyn"?"

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

Andray Blatche, who on Tuesday expressed his love for Brooklyn, seemingly had a change of heart by Saturday ... or did he?

On his Instagram account Saturday, a simple message showed up ... not a good look for someone who wants to stay with the Nets (While we are a family site, which normally eschews such language in this case we will make an exception because of its news value.)

Minutes later, Blatche took to Twitter to claim he had been hacked.

Whether he was hacked or not, there's little doubt that the he and the Nets are not on the same page regarding his return to the team.

In a post on his Instagram stream Tuesday night, Blatche seemed to be resigned to playing elsewhere next season, that while he wants to stay, it's not up to him.

He wrote:

Brooklyn is everything to me do I wanna go NO I wanna stay and finish my career there but it's no longer up to me wat happens from now on is jus gonna have to be

The comment was written as a caption to an image of him and his teammates celebrating another Joe Johnson buzzer beater.

On Friday, Lenn Robbins, the Nets in-house beat writer, posted a story on the Nets draft war room, in which he noted that Jason Kidd "had just finished taping videos aimed at convincing free agents Paul Pierce, Alan Anderson and Shaun Livingston to return."  There was no mention of Blatche, yet another indication the relationship between him and the team is, if not over, nearing an end.

Blatche opted out of his contract last week, making him an unrestricted free agent.