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Hometown media celebrate Brooklyn Nets picks in NBA Draft

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

Across the country at small draft parties, Markel Brown, Xavier Thames and Cory Jefferson sat with friends and waited and waited for their names to be called in the Draft.

"I did start to get nervous around the time that I felt like I was going to get picked," Brown, who originally pegged his draft spot between picks 25 and 35, told the Shreveport Times in Louisiana. "Maybe after the 35 spot, that’s when I really started to get nervous. I knew at any moment my name could be called, but at the same time I knew at any time it could not be called."

Thames was in Pleasant Grove, California. He said didn’t care where he was picked in Thursday’s NBA draft – he just wanted to be picked.

"I’m ready," said Thames, who will play for the Nets in the NBA summer league in Orlando., starting July 5.

In Kileen, Texas, where Cory Jefferson grew up, the Baylor star said he didn't even know he had been drafted until his agent called after the 60th pick!

"I thought I was done with the draft process," said Jefferson, who watched the draft from Killeen. "I was doing some interviews with some local reporters, and I didn’t know my agent called. He told me that I got drafted. I love it that I’m going to be able to go with a team that wants me."

Jefferson also said he planned to wear No. 21 with the Nets. That's the number his Baylor teammate Isaiah Austin wore at the Texas school before being told he has career-ending Marfan Syndrome.

"I thought of Isaiah because of the tough time he’s been going through and he’s not able to actually play the game anymore," Jefferson said, admitting he had become "emotional" when he watched Adam Silver ceremonially "draft" Austin between the 15th and 16th pick.

The three players will make their way to Orlando this weekend and begin training for the July 5 opener.

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