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Jason Collins unsure about return, gets emotional talking about his reception with Nets

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Jason Collins talked basketball with NBA fan --and MSNBC host-- Ronan Farrow Wednesday and when at the end of the interview he was asked if he was planning a return to the NBA, he was again non-committal, but also got a bit emotional when talking about the reception he received when he joined the Nets.

"I haven't decided yet. After everything went down over the last year, I kind of need a mental break right now. I'm going around doing a lot of speaking opportunities, speaking up for civil rights issues, LGBT issues. I'm enjoying my summer. I'm a huge fan of tennis. I'm going to Wimbledon next week to check that out.

It's when Farrow asked if his support of LGBT issues had hurt his career that Collins showed some emotion as he talked about his return to the NBA with he Nets. ?

"Absolutely not. It's like being African-American, It's just another characteristic of me. My teammates from the Brooklyn Nets incrediby supportive. Coaching staff, ownership, the fans. My first home game in Brooklyn got a standing ovation when I went into the game. It was really one of those moments I will never forget. Everyone has been incredibly supportive. I encourage everyone to live an authentic life.

"It speaks to the character of NBA players. We're like a family, it's a brotherhood. We're getting ready to welcome some new brothers to our family on Thursday night with the NBA Draft. I'm really excited for them. I remember being drafted, 2001, first round draft pick. all that excitement."

Collins is an unrestricted free agent. He could make the veterans minimum plus 20 percent with the Nets or a bit less than $2 million.