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Is Andray Blatche resigned to leaving Brooklyn?

Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

In a post on his Instagram stream Tuesday night, Andray Blatche seemed to be resigned to playing elsewhere next season, that while he wants to stay, it's not up to him.

He wrote:

Brooklyn is everything to me do I wanna go NO I wanna stay and finish my career there but it's no longer up to me wat happens from now on is jus gonna have to be

The comment was written as a caption to an image of him and his teammates celebrating another Joe Johnson buzzer beater.

Blatche opted out of a the second year on his veterans minimum deal last week and there's been little indication the Nets will bid for his services on a longer term deal. The Nets have essentially set up one-year deals for Blatche since signing him last season, each a vets minimum deal that supplemented his amnesty payments from the Wizards. Now, as the amnesty payments wind down this season, he wants job security with a deal that lasts beyond 2015.

There were reports last week that the Pelicans might be interested in the 6'11' 27-year-old, but were shot down quickly by sources in New Orleans.  Blatche's comment might be an indication that there won't be many offers out there.

Meanwhile, Philippines basketball officials announced that Blatche's debut with the Philippines national team may come in a charity game to be played in Manila at the end of July.  Yahoo! Sports Philippines reports that among those on hand will be Blake Griffin, Damian Lillard, DeMar DeRozan and Paul Pierce