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With NBA Draft a day away, Brooklyn Nets close-mouthed on pick possibilities

Jeff Zelevansky

The NBA Draft will be held, for the fourth straight year, on the Nets home court --twice at Prudential Center, twice at Barclays Center--but this year is different. The Nets have no picks in either the first or second round and a day before Adam Silver walks across the stage for the first time, there's no certainty that they will.

Billy King has said the Nets can get into the draft, but has not said which round or how and a league source tells Alex Raskin that "I don't think you buy a pick or trade for a pick just to get into the draft."

Still, there are reports that the Nets have their eye on a late first or early second round pick. And on Tuesday and Wednesday, they're working out a lot of the players who are likely to wind up at the tail end of the draft or go undrafted.

The most likely scenario is that the Nets find a team interested in taking on Bojan Bogdanovic's rights, then sweeten the offer with the $2 million they have in cash considerations. Andy Vasquez suggests as well that Marquis Teague, who just turned 21, might have some trade value. it's also possible the team has a bigger deal in sight, one that would bring the Nets a pick.  One thing seems pretty clear: Unless the Nets have a Euro-stash in mind, they aren't likely to take more than one pick. They simply don't have that many roster spots available.

Later Wednesday, Billy King will speak to reporters at the Nets training facility in East Rutherford.  No doubt, he won't commit to much, but with less than 36 hours left, it's better than nothing.