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Brooklyn Nets on hand to watch Cape Verde 7-footer Walter Tavares work out Tuesday

Andy Miller, one of the NBA's top agents, had scouts from 11 teams at Seton Hall's Walsh Gym Tuesday to one of the Draft's more intriguing prospects, 7'3" (7'4" in shoes) Walter Tavares of tiny Cape Verde Islands in the eastern Atlantic.

Adam Zagoria listed the teams on hand...including the Nets

Tavares, 22, has been hanging around the late first/early second divide for a few weeks with Draft Express putting him at No. 31. So, it's yet another indication that the Nets believe they will be able to find someone to their liking ... and acquire a pick needed to grab him near the end of the first round.

Two days ago, DraftExpress offered this assessment of him, noting...

Tavares is not a glamorous prospect, but he has showed improvement throughout the year in his ability to contribute as a role player in the ACB, and this study doesn't even start to analyze the contributions he's expected to make as a rim-protector or rebounder, which are arguably his biggest strengths.