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Prospects that can fit well in Brooklyn

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Reports are starting to trickle in that teams are interested in trading away their first and second rounders while the Nets seem to be more interested in acquiring a pick of their own. The team doesn't have that many assets to get a pick in the early stages of the first-round, but it is plausible that the team can obtain a late first or an early second, as reported by Chris Mannix.

Picks 25-30 can be had for the right price. New York, Brooklyn and New Orleans are calling around looking to get into the first round. Don't be surprised if one or more of those teams wind up trading for one of those picks.

Who are some of the names that Brooklyn can be interested in? Possibly a point guard as insurance for Shaun Livingston and to add some depth to the position. Brooklyn interviewed Shabazz Napier last month—he would be an ideal fit—but his green room invite to the Draft hints that he will be out of reach. The team can also use an athletic wing to come off the bench and give some minutes. Joe Johnson and Paul Pierce—if he returns—fill out the starting roles fine, but the team must look to add some versatility and have an athlete who can help fill out the second unit.

James McAdoo, PF North Carolina

McAdoo was once thought of as a lottery pick following his freshman season due to his tremendous upside, but he didn't prove that he had a refined offensive game in his sophomore or junior campaign, thus he is projected to go 54 in DraftExpress' latest mock draft. McAdoo can fit in nicely with the Nets due to his incredible athleticism and great size. At 6'9" with a 7'2" wingspan, McAdoo is a true power forward who can handle defending  players in the post and can take his abilities to the perimeter to defend stretch-four's. McAdoo has a few flaws, such as a true offensive game and rebounding abilities, but the Nets are in need of some explosiveness, and McAdoo provides that. A Mason Plumlee-James McAdoo frontcourt will be scary in transition. The Nets also seem to have an eye for talented players who have not reached their expectations and develop them.

Glenn Robinson III, SF Michigan

We wrote about GR3 here, if you want a closer look at him. But if there can be a guy who is taken in the late first, early second-round who becomes a top 10 player from this draft, it's Robinson. Robinson has the physical tools to be a star in this league, 6'7" with a 6'10" wingspan, and has the athletic abilities to live off of Shaun Livingston's and Deron Williams' ability to get into the lane; Robinson is exceptional at finishing around the rim and can work great as an off-ball slasher for Brooklyn. Robinson does need to add some toughness to his game, but Pierce can help him transition into the pros easily. Robinson wouldn't be a spot-up shooter with the Nets, at least early on, he struggled in that role at Michigan despite having a nice form. DX has Robinson going 32 in their latest mock draft.

Joe Harris, SG/SF Virginia

Harris will not help the Nets with their lack of athletes, but he can help give them a consistent three-point shooter. At the Draft Combine, he hit on 16 of 25 three-point attempts, one of the best marks at the workout. Harris is a fine defender despite his athletic limitations, making the right rotation often, but many doubt that he can be a great one-on-one defender in a league full of superior athletes. Harris could be a 3-and-D guy that the Nets could use if they do lose Alan Anderson to free agency, but a team can never have enough snipers from beyond the arc. Harris could be a fine rotational piece for the Nets to use off the bench when their offense becomes stagnant, which happened more times than one would think. Harris' four year starter status at Virginia makes him more of an attractive piece for Brooklyn, an organization who is trying to acquire stable players on and off the floor. Harris is currently slated to go 38 in DX's latest mock.

You can also check out my latest mock draft here after all that has happened the past several days with the Joel Embiid injury.

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