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Nets are trying to get into "late" first round

Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

The Nets have been fairly quiet on the draft front this year. With no picks and limited assets available to move, Brooklyn seemed destined to be left out of the 2014 Draft.

Despite not being as open about their pursuit as teams like the Pelicans or Knicks, the Nets are reportedly trying to acquire a pick this year. Stefan Bondy and Chris Mannix reported Wednesday that the Nets are indeed trying to acquire a first rounder.

Bondy mentions the Nets $2 million in cash they can use to acquire a pick. Team insiders have said they don't expect cash considerations alone will get them a first rounder.

Mannix says the Nets are among several teams without picks calling around.

Picks 25-30 can be had for the right price. New York, Brooklyn and New Orleans are calling around looking to get into the first round. Don't be surprised if one or more of those teams wind up trading for one of those picks.

There are other possibilities. The Nets could trade the draft rights to Euro-Stash Bojan Bogdanovic or Marcus Thornton's now-expiring contract worth more than $8 million or acquire a pick in a larger trade.

The Nets have several pending free agents this summer, and if some walk, they need to look to fill those positions quickly. The draft can be insurance for the team if the likes of Alan Anderson, Shaun Livingston, Andrei Kirilenko, Paul Pierce, or Kevin Garnett walks this offseason.