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Paperwork slowing Andray Blatche's debut for Philippines

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Andray Blatche was expected to play in three tournaments this summer for the Philippines after he was granted citizenship by that country's president but bureaucracy is preventing him from participating in the Asia Cup, scheduled for next month in Wuhan, China.

As Alex Raskin reports, the Nets free agent back-up center can't play in the Cup because the deadline for roster submission was June 11, the same day President Aquino signed the naturalization bill. The team couldn't get the paperwork done in time. Blatche remains in the U.S.

So Blatche will debut in late August when the Gilas, as the national team is known, will play Croatia in the first game of the FIBA World Championship in Sevilla, Spain.  Blatche is also expected to play in South Korea at the end of September in another FIBA tournament, but that could conflict with the opening of NBA training camp.  Blatche's status with the Nets should be known the first half of July.  He has said he will opt out of his contract and seek a new deal, hoping for a return to Brooklyn.