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Paul Pierce reiterates: 'I Only Got 1 or 2 Years Left In Me'

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

TMZ Sports caught up with Paul Pierce in a southern California parking lot this week as he was loading two 18-bottle, plastic-wrapped packages of Arrowhead bottled water.

The interlude was brief, 40 seconds top to bottom, but that was enough for Pierce to reiterate what he told reporters the night the season ended in Miami. Asked by the TMZ reporter, what he was up to, Pierce noted the water's purpose.

"Oh man, just getting rehydrated after a great workout this morning. Gotta get rehydrated."

When TMZ expressed surprise that he was back working out, "Man the season just ended!? Pierce replied, "It's long grind, dawg, long grind. I've only got one or two years left in me, so...

Pierce is an unrestricted free agent but only one team, the Nets can offer whatever he needs and they can pay.