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NBA Draft Live Chat with Kevin O'Connor of CelticsBlog

Ed Zurga

True, the Brooklyn Nets aren't players in the 2014 NBA Draft just yet, but it's no secret that they're looking to move into the late-first or second round to grab a usable piece in this loaded NBA Draft.

So, with that, we asked NBA Draft guru Kevin O'Connor of to give us an hour of his time and chat along with our very own Reed Wallach in previewing the 2014 NBA Draft.

Kevin released his extensive 2014 NBA Draft Guide, one of the deepest and most comprehensive out there, outlining team needs -- including our Nets -- and looking at some of the deeper prospects, guys who we might need to get more familiar with come Draft night.

Make sure you check out his NBA Draft Guide, and join us on Thursday for a LIVE chat where Kevin will be answering your questions along with our very own Reed Wallach.


When - Thursday, June 19th, at 2:00PM EST

Where - To ask questions, just sign up for a log-in and click this link:

The chat will also be streaming live right below, so you can follow along here.