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Does Jason Kidd deserve a raise?

Mike Ehrmann

Jason Kidd, it turns out, was a bargain at $10.5 million over four years, $7.5 million over three years guaranteed . Compare that to what Derek Fisher got from the Knicks, $25 million over five, with numerous team options and bonuses, says Howard Beck; or what Steve Kerr got from the Warriors, also $25 million over five, with no options, according to Ken Berger.

We haven't seen Kidd's contract, but we're told like Fisher he gets undisclosed bonuses. Don't know if any kicked in this season.  But his guarantee is less than a third of Kerr's.  Should he get a raise?  Ohm Youngmisuk, in his year-end analysis of the job Kidd did, suggested he should.

Kidd was the biggest question mark for the Nets entering last season and now he has proven he can coach. In fact, he probably deserves a raise considering the five-year, $25-million contracts Steve Kerr and Derek Fisher recently signed.

Now that the Nets know they have a coach –- Kidd’s success helped ease the path for Kerr and Fisher to coach without any previous experience –- Brooklyn has to figure out how to improve its roster with limited cap space to help Kidd take a step forward next season.

Kidd after his "tumultuous" start, as Youngmisuk calls it, won two Coach of the Month awards in 2014 (out of four months) and took the team to the second round, the farthest the franchise has gone since, well, Kidd was a player.  Not to mention the development job he did with Mason Plumlee, Shaun Livingston and Mirza Teletovic.

Based on what the market will bear, it would seem Kidd is underpaid.