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Timberwolves continue to have Shaun Livingston on their radar


For the second time in a month, there's word from the Twin Cities that Shaun Livingston is on the Timberwolves radar.  Darren Wolfson, a well-sourced T-Wolves beat, tweeted Tuesday to confirm what he wrote last month about the Nets point guard, who becomes an unrestricted free agent at the end of the month.

A month ago, Wolfson noted that "Flip has a history w/him" meaning then President of Basketball Operations Flip Saunders. Livingston played for Saunders when he was the head coach of the Washington Wizards in 2009-10 and then later in 2012. SInce that report, the Timberwolves have named Saunders head coach, perhaps making him even more appealing to Livingston (although it's hard to conceive that Saunders could be anymore appealing than Jason Kidd, who Livingston credits with resusitating his career.)

With Kevin Love wanting out, it's hard to imagine Minnesota as a contender for anything but a high lottery pick next season.  Livingston played in his first playoffs in seven years this spring. The prospect of playing with a winner may play a role as well in the free agent's decision.

But it may come down to money.  The most the Nets can offer Livingston is $10.3 million over three years, with a starting salary of $3.3 million.  The T-Wolves, even with Love, can offer the full MLE, at more than $5 million and up to four years or around $25 million. Is Livingston likely to command that? Doubtful, but a fourth year could be quite appealing to a player with a history of injuries.