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Is Jason Collins planning a political career? In a word, yes

Joseph P Kennedy

Jason Collins hasn't announced if he will continue his basketball career with the Nets or any other team, for that matter. He is a free agent and considering his lack of minutes, it's likely his 14-year career in the NBA is done at 36.  But what about another career in politics?

Collins has been politically active, particularly with the Democratic party.  He headlined the Democratic National Committee's LGBT annual dinner last year. He  sat with the First Lady at the State of the Union in January, attended a state dinner at the White House for French President Hollande in February, was nominated for TIME's 100 Most Influential People by Chelsea Clinton in April and this week (so far!) posed with President Clinton and the Lopez twins and was reunited with his Stanford roommate, Congressman Joseph P. Kennedy III of Massachusetts, grandson of Robert Kennedy.  His likeness also dominated a building wrap of the JW Marriott Hotel at Capital Pride weekend.

If that's not enough, he also endorsed Barclays Center's bid for the Democratic National Convention in 2016, telling Politico, the political website, "It’s a fantastic venue that hosts obviously the Nets, but a wide array of events and I’d think it’d be a lot of fun to see the DNC there."

When asked about his career choices, Collins said, "I have a lot of doors open right now," Collins said, adding his support for one candidate’s reelection.

"It’ll start with my old college roommate, Joe Kennedy," Collins said of the Massachusetts Democrat and fellow Stanford alum. "He’s my No. 1 candidate and we’ll go from there."