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As Brook Lopez returns to court, a reflection on what it all means

Brook Lopez is expected back on the court July 1, a mere three weeks from now. He will accompany the Nets summer league team to Orlando and work out with them, no doubt under the watchful eye of the team's training staff.

A few weeks back, a producer from the "Crossover" series visited him at his apartment overlooking the Hudson in New Jersey. They talked about, well, who he is. Lopez reflects on a lot of things in the profile, noting that the early stages of rehab had him bed-ridden for months. He talks about both his love of basketball and writing, noting that he wants to be "creative and free-flowing" in his writing, "the way i want to be on the court."

He also spoke about basketball and how being stuck in bed for so long gave him a chance to reflect on his game, the game.

"Laid up in bed for two almost three months, I spent a lot of time thinking about basketball, my mindset about it, my approach to it. Am I playing the right way, what do i need to work on, need to improve on? Mentally prepare for when I'm coming back," he said.

The video also has shots of Lopez's apartment, which he shares with his brother, and his cat, the one with the Instagram account.