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Sam Amico: "Brook Lopez is VERY available"

Jason Miller

At the end of an interview Friday on the Cavaliers future, Sam Amico of FOX Sports Ohio was asked who Cleveland might be interested in this off-season.  He mentioned Kevin Love, DeMarcus Cousins but said that's mostly speculation.  Then he added another name to the discussion...

"What I have heard and what I think is going to happen --it would be a risky move-- but that Brook Lopez is very available. That could be an intriguing name for you."

But Baskin & Phelps of CBS Sports didn't push the issue, didn't ask what the Cavs might be willing to give up or even what he meant by "going to happen" --does that mean "expect rumors" or "expect a deal."  It was NOT in the context of trading the Cavaliers first round pick.  Of course, there has been discussion of Cleveland trading Kyrie Irving. Just saying.