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2013-2014 Brooklyn Nets Player Review: Mirza Teletovic

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Mirza Teletovic went from seldom-used tweener to a major key to the Nets success this season. Teletovic averaged nine minutes in his first season in the league, but that number went to more than 19 in his second campaign. Teletovic shot three percentage points better from the floor and five percentage points better from beyond the arc. "The King of Bosnia" became a fan favorite due to his incredible range and ability to heat up after making just one shot.

The Bosnian wing did a fine job of getting the Nets offense going during segments of the game that saw the team's offense fail to create anything for Brooklyn.

Teletovic really came into his own under head coach Jason Kidd after receiving little praise from Avery Johnson and P.J Carlesimo. He will be a fixture for the Nets in the coming years.



Mirza Teletovic

Games Played


Minutes per game


True Shooting percentage


Assist rate


Turnover rate


Usage rate


Rebound rate




Win Shares per 48


Teletovic's scoring numbers don't really depict how much of a threat he was this season. Coach Kidd gave Teletovic the green light to shoot from anywhere beyond the arc, 55% of his shots came from the top of the key this season. Teletovic played right into the Nets small-ball philosophy during the second half of the season as a stretch four despite playing less than 20 minutes per game. Per 36 minutes, Teletovic averaged 16 points and a shade under seven rebounds. With more minutes, Teletovic could have been boosted his stats immensely. His per 36 numbers are fine, but as a starter, playing 28.6 minutes in seven starts, averaged 14 points and four rebounds on 44% shooting from the field and 41% from beyond the arc. Teletovic is also a fantastic spot-up shooter. 46.5% of his offense this season came from spot-ups and he scored 1.12 points per possession, the 54 best number amongst qualified players. In spot-ups, Mirza hit on 41% of his three-point attempts.


Teletovic has one year left on his contract worth nearly 3.7 million and a qualifying offer for more than 4.2-million.


It could have been when Mirza irked LeBron James enough for the former MVP to come at him. Not only did he rile up LeBron, he even smiled right back in his face. Although, Teletovic doesn't have a care in the world and is one of the most innocent players in the league, and that is shown in this tweet.


Become a better defender. Mirza is a big body, standing at 6'9", 242 pounds, but isn't quick enough to handle wings but will get pushed around in the post. Teletovic needs to go in one-direction and I select the ladder. If Teletovic can put on some more muscle, he can become a more efficient defender in the paint and be able to contain versatile power forwards. He was a pretty solid defender in the post this season, allowing .66 points per possession when defending 92 post-ups, the 24 best mark of qualified players. Teletovic should also look to become more of a power forward because he did a poor job of defending wings this season. In isolation situations this season, Teletovic allowed .91 points per possession in the 118 times, the 197 best number amongst qualified players. The numbers are clear: Teletovic is a much more talented power forward defender even though he is more of a small forward on the offensive end.



Mirza will be counted on to give the Nets big minutes off the bench. He is the perfect small-ball forward due to his size and ability to play beyond the arc. Teletovic will be 29 by the time next season starts, placing him at the beginning of his prime to help the Nets be contenders. With such a cheap contract and a versatile game, he is becoming more talented off the dribble, Teletovic can keep the Nets offense afloat when the key contributors go to the bench. After once being an after thought on the Nets deep bench, Mirza has become a household name with Brooklyn and is only going up from here.


Teletovic put himself in a position to succeed under new coach Kidd and will be a major contributor in the coming years. Teletovic still needs to refine parts of his defense and begin to create for himself more often, but there is no denying that he made major strides this season.