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All of Mirza Teletovic's 136 three's in one place!

Previously we provided you all of Mason Plumlee's 116 dunks, thanks to "Down to Buck," of increasing YouTube fame and video listings. Now, here's all of Mirza Teletovic 's 136 three-pointers ... from the same source!

There's also some commentary from the prolific poster.

Let's play a game! Out of all of Mirza Teletovic's three-point field goals this season, how many were unassisted? I'll give you a minute to ponder.

Okay, enough pondering! If your answer was anything but "four", you're wrong and stupid and no longer allowed to watch my videos, because "four" is the correct answer. I would also accept "4".

Beyond that, he says It's time for Teletovic to create more of his own offense. He certainly did more of that this season than he did last, but then again, he had more opportunity this year.