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The "Missing" posters for Deron Williams' lack of production could contain Kevin Garnett's face and information as well. Garnett averaged a career-low six points and six rebounds per game as a Brooklyn Net during the regular season. Most of this was blamed on lack of playing time and inability to get into a rhythm.

Most people believed the postseason would be a different story. They hoped it would bring the best out of  'KG' and his veteran experience would ultimately rise to the top.

But, as the playoffs have been established, it's saddening to see Garnett struggle the way he is. In the first round series against Toronto, Garnett averaged eight points and five rebounds in 20 minutes per game. Through the first two games in Miami, Garnett has scored a total of four points on 2-10 shooting. Most notoriously in Game One, he was held scoreless for the first time in his long playoff career.

Garnett's not shy about his poor play thus far. "I'm not happy with my play right now. I'm trying to get in a flow and a rhythm," Garnett said after his 2-8 shooting night in a Game Two loss at Miami. "Try to bring something. It's just frustrating. But I'll grind through it. [I'll] continue to work," he continued. "Continue to find ways to be aggressive offensively. Continue to look for opportunities. Rebound the ball. And continue to talk and inspire."

The Nets as a whole have struggled at the center position. Garnett has a rating of 110 per 100 possessions, which is second behind Andray Blatche's 114 rating. Blatche hasn't been much better than Garnett, but the high expectations riding on Garnett's poor level of play has been a huge letdown to the Nets' chances.

We've seen signs of excellence from Garnett as well. In Game Seven against the Raptors, Garnett put up 13 points and 12 rebounds, turning back the clocks of many basketball minds. But, as we see the Nets face off against another athletic team such as the Heat, Garnett has displayed no offensive threat and very slow defensive shifts.

Game Three is a new day and new game for Garnett and the Nets. He must return from his premature retirement before it's too late for the Nets and Garnett's 'legacy' in a Brooklyn Nets uniform.