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For Brooklyn Nets, a blown chance to pump up the buzz

Chris Trotman

Between Sunday's dramatic win over the Raptors and the opening night vs. the Heat, the Nets were the toast of New York, filling the back --and front pages-- of the tabloids and leading the Times' sports section. The Knicks coaching search had lost its luster when compared to a team on a playoff run.

Now, as Harvey Araton writes, the Nets seem to have blown a golden opportunity in the City of New York. Not only are they down, 2-0, the Nets are being treated not so much as a New York team but as Boston Redux as writers chart Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett's decline since the last time they played Miami, as members of the Celtics.

Araton writes...

The Nets are still feeling their way, trying to forge an identity. But rather than chide the Brooklyn fans for not being rabid enough, better to speculate on the Nets’ timetable for utter devotion: all in due time.

Or, perhaps, never, if the goal is to reach or clear the bar set by the Knicks.

In building hope, it’s all about the buzz. The Nets had a chance to bring home a deadlocked series and failed in the clutch. Going home, they are not right where they wanted to be.

While that may be too dark an assessment for a team in the city for two years --and with the Knicks' uncertain future-- the Nets will have to do something within the city limits this weekend to get back in New York's good graces.