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Shaun Livingston has been reinstated into starting lineup

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Jason Kidd announced pregame that Shaun Livingston will be inserted back into the starting lineup for the Nets in Game 1.

It makes sense for Livingston to return the lineup due to his size advantage on both Heat starting guard Mario Chalmers and Dwyane Wade. Livingston uses his length much more effectively than Alan Anderson, who replaced him in the starting lineup for Game's 6 and 7.

Kidd also spoke of Kevin Garnett and his minutes heading into the series. He seems to be lenient in giving KG more minutes like he did in Game 6 and 7, but is going to try and keep him around the 20 minute mark.

In regards to the Heat's roster, Shane Battier will draw the start at forward with LeBron James and Chris Bosh joining him in the frontcourt. Battier is likely starting so LeBron can start on Joe Johnson. Battier is more capable of guarding Paul Pierce than Udonis Haslem, who started for Miami against the Bobcats.

Michael Beasley will be active for tonight's game while Greg Oden will be out.