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Deron Williams had multiple shots in his left ankle before Game 7

Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

Deron Williams has dealt with ankle injuries for, well, years now, and before Game 7 Nets media reported that he had an injection in his left ankle. Now, they're reporting that they had "multiple" shots in his left ankle, not just one --Williams informed them during Tuesday's shootaround.

So, Williams doesn't seem to think that it will slow him down against the Heat, which is good news, since the Nets will need Williams to "play up" to his own level in order to get past the two-time defending champs in the second round of the playoffs.

Williams, in the past, has already had cortisone shots in both his ankles along with Palate-rich plasma injections.

In other news, it also appears that Williams has a bit of a cold, which, doesn't sound serious, but...

The stage doesn't get any bigger than this, so expect Williams to play through whatever is ailing him, be it ankles or sniffles.