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Gameday Hype Hub: Brooklyn Nets vs. Miami Heat - 'Brooklyn we go hard!'

Matt Fried

It's not that we think you need to get hyped on gameday, but in case you needed a little extra pep in your step to get you through what probably will feel like the longest day ever, as you wait for tonight's Game 1 matchup between the Brooklyn Nets and the Miami Heat.

We figured to help, we'd put together a "hype hub" where we all can post videos, gifs, memes, photos and whatnots throughout the day. We'll start with a few.

First, the t-shirt photos are courtesy of the talented designer Matt Fried of MFVS. No, these are not official t-shirts to be given out during Game 3, just a talented dude's vision. (The glow in the dark 'Brooklyn' is pretty cool...)


Here's the scene from Miami, early Tuesday morning:

Here's a pretty cool hype video made by YouTube user GreenWhite27:

Here's Jay-Z's "Brooklyn We Go Hard" set to Nets highlights from last year, journey'd into this year:

And, of course, here is Mason Plumlee blocking LeBron James at the rim:

This is a start, feel free to add your own below. And, as always, have a very "Brooklyn We Go Hard!" day. Get hyped!