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NBA Playoffs: Nets vs. Heat - Who will win?

Mike Ehrmann

The Brooklyn Nets survived the Toronto Raptors in the first round, winning Game 7 on Sunday, 104-103, in a tightly contested series. Now, it's off to South Beach where they will take on LeBron James and the Miami Heat in the second round.

As you know, Nets fans, Brooklyn swept the Heat in the regular season, winning 4-0, and marking the first time a LeBron James-led team was swept 4-0 in a regular season series since he entered the league. Again, we've discussed a number of times on this site how close the series was, with three of the four games being decided by one point and the fourth game being a double-overtime win for the Nets.

While you can't necessarily rest on those regular season records -- it's the Playoffs, baby! -- the Nets, and their fans, should definitely carry with them a confident lean when the series tips off on Tuesday. But, before we get there we have to ask you, the fans, who you think will win this series.

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