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"THIS IS WHY THEY GOT ME HERE!" Paul Pierce's block wins the Nets the series in Game 7; Final score: 104-103

The Brooklyn Nets defeated the Toronto Raptors in an absolute thriller. Final score: 104-103.

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Game Seven: Do or die; win or go home; the greatest two words in sports. For the Nets, it was their second consecutive postseason with a Game Seven. But, Last season didn't turn out so well. This time around, the team looked to rise up to the challenge and get passed the Toronto Raptors on their home court. The Heat await the winner of this battle.

The game was in the Nets' control for most of the game, but a late Raptors comeback put the Nets chances in jeopardy. After a dreadful turnover, the Nets were able to stop Kyle Lowry's last attempt at a game winning shot. The Nets win 104-103, and advance to the second round against the Miami Heat!


The Air Canada Centre was absolutely rocking with thousands of fans inside and outside of the stadium. The veteran experience of the Nets had to come into play early with the rowdy Toronto fans.

The Nets looked good to start the game. Their offense was flowing very smooth and the duo of Joe Johnson & Paul Pierce were both off to good starts. The two combined for 12 points on 5-10 shooting. The Nets as a team shot 44% from the field with a promising 4-9 from three.

On the defensive side, Kyle Lowry & DeMar DeRozan were being contained with just four points combined, but Amir Johnson was absolutely scorching them. Within the first few minutes of the game, Johnson looked to be hurt, but stayed in the game and scored 12 early points. One quarter in the books and the Raptors led the Nets, 28-26.

The Nets continued to ride Joe Johnson in the second quarter. With Johnson attracting double teams, the entire floor was opened for the Nets offense to operate. Being that Johnson was playing with the second unit, the surrounding guys had to hit their open shots. This is where Marcus Thornton comes in. Thornton got into a rhythm and scored 14 key points, carrying the backup unit the length of their playing time in the second quarter.

Behind Thornton's lead, the Nets outscored Toronto 35-25 in the second quarter alone. Paul Pierce scored 10 points and Kevin Garnett chipped in eight. Shaun Livingston who played just nine minutes in game six, also contributed eight points in the first half. The Nets' as a team shot 55% from the field and three point.

The score at the half: Nets 61, Raptors 53.

Quick note: DeMar DeRozan was held to just four points in 21 minutes of action.

Three minutes into the third quarter, Amir Johnson picked up his fifth foul. Johnson was forced to check out earlier than usual, giving Brooklyn a huge break.

Without Amir Johnson, the Nets took advantage of the Raptors. The size of Johnson killed the Nets in the first half, so when he checked out of the game, they were able to find their small ball yet again and control the pace of this game.

They continued to work their offense through Joe Johnson and the surrounding Nets' players made the shots they needed in order to stay up in comfortable fashion. Andray Blatche provided a huge spark off the bench. He scored nine points and grabbed four crucial offensive rebounds.

Despite struggling all quarter, DeMar DeRozan knocked down a huge three as time expired. The three cut the deficit to eight and the Nets led the Raptors, 81-73. The Raptors didn't play their prettiest ball in the third, but it was just enough to keep them in this game. With the momentum and crowd on their side, they certainly wouldn't make it an easy fourth quarter for Brooklyn.

The emotions started to get high in the fourth. Within three minutes of the quarter, Amir Johnson tripped Joe Johnson, resulting in his sixth and final foul. He finished the game with 20 points & 10 rebounds. After the play, Kevin Garnett gave Kyle Lowry a 'bump' which resulted in Garnett's third technical foul of the series. Meanwhile, Joe Johnson was down on the floor grabbing his ankle. Fortunately for Brooklyn, he was able to return.

It was all Joe Johnson in the fourth quarter. He scored 11 straight points in the first eight minutes of the quarter, giving the Nets a 10 point lead with a little over four minutes remaining. The next play down, Andray Blatche took a huge charge. On the floor, Blatche let out a triumphant yell to fire up the Nets squad.

Deron Williams & Andray Blatche were both playing with five fouls.

The Nets were trying to pull away with Joe Johnson isolations, but the Raptors consistently hit big shots in order to stay close. The score was 101-97, in favor of the Nets with one minute remaining. It was an 8-3 run for the Raptors that got them back into this game. The crowd was loud and this game was coming down to the wire.

With 22 seconds remaining, Deron Williams was at the line to shoot two free throws. He missed one of the two, giving the Nets a three points lead. On the following possession, Kyle Lowry had no hesitation. He drove right into the throat of the Nets defense, getting an easy layup. Only six seconds came off on the clock, and now the Nets had to hit all of their free throws.

Shaun Livingston is as tough as nails. Similar to his clutch free throws in game three, Livingston stepped up to the line and knocked down a pair with 13 seconds remaining. But, thanks to a Terrence Ross layup, the Nets were up 104-102 with 8.8 seconds left.

The Nets attempted to inbound the ball to Paul Pierce, but Ross saved it and threw it off of Pierce's legs. Raptors' possession with six seconds remaining, and a chance to win the series. They can never make it easy.

Kyle Lowry took the ball hard to the hole. With the clock ticking, this would be it: do or die. Lowry drove all the way down with a promising chance, but Paul Pierce came with the help and swatted Lowry's shot as time expired! Game over, series over! The Brooklyn Nets win game seven to advance to the second round!

Nets win the series: 104-103.

It wasn't easy, but they did it. The first playoff series win in (Brooklyn) Nets' history. LeBron James and the Miami Heat await the Nets in the second round, this Tuesday in Miami.

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