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Brooklyn Nets assistant coach heading back to Detroit Pistons

Detroit Pistons

The day after the Nets lost to the Heat, Jason Kidd told beat writers that he was bringing back his entire coaching staff. It now appears one of his assistants, the one closest to re-assigned Lawrence Frank, won't be returning. Charles Klask, who most recently served as an advance scout, is headed back to Detroit, reports the Detroit News. Klask worked with new Pistons Coach Stan Van Gundy in Orlando.

Klask served under Frank in Detroit for two years, handling a lot of the in-game statistical analysis.  In mid-season, he was moved to the advance scout position and Jim Saan, who had been advance scout, returned to the bench. Saan has served as a coaching associate and assistant coach for five years in New Jersey.  Also, Sean Sweeney, the Nets' top video analyst, was promoted to assistant coach.  Sweeney is seen as a rising star in the organization and is close to Kidd.

As for Lawrence Frank, there appears to be no change in his position. He is still listed on the Nets front office directory as assistant coach. He has five years and more than $5 million remaining on his contract. And depending on how well, the team does, he's entitled to bonuses as well.