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Andray Blatche's guarantee rubs Raptors wrong way

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

The Raptors are not taking kindly to Andray Blatche's guarantee that the Nets will win Game 7 in Toronto.

"Guarantee it," the big man said during a Friday shootaround, as quoted by Stefan Bondy. "We’re going to go there and take care of business and go to Miami." Blatche had predicted a win in Game 6 as well. In Game 5 and 6, Blatche has scored a combined 15 points and grabbed 11 rebounds in 37 minutes, shooting 5-of-10.

The Raptors beat writers acquainted Toronto players with Blatch's quote. They reacted with shock and disdain.

"We're going to see what happens," said Greivis Vasquez. "I don't know who does he think he is. He's not KG or Paul Pierce or Jason Kidd. But you know, we're going to listen to his nonsense. He's gotta earn that and he hasn't yet. We aren't really focused (on) that. We gotta play so much better than we did last night. Game 7, win or go home."

DeMar Derozan expressed similar sentiments.

"I don't care what he said. He can say what he wants, honestly. He can go out there and say is going to hit the lottery tomorrow.

Derozan also suggested that the pressure is on the Nets, not the Raptors.