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NBA Playoffs Schedule: Brooklyn Nets vs. Toronto Raptors Game 7


Late into Friday night, or should I say early Saturday morning, we still had no idea what time the Brooklyn Nets and Toronto Raptors would play on Sunday. That's because, if there was a third Game 7 on Sunday then the Nets would play at 8:00 PM. If not, they would play at 1:00 PM. The Dallas Mavericks beating the San Antonio Spurs made it two Game 7s, after the Nets won earlier in the night. So...

The other wildcard was whether or not there would be a 7th game between the Portland Trail Blazers and Houston Rockets. With 0.9 seconds to go, the Rockets took the lead on a Chandler Parsons layup under the basket. Looked like we were headed to a Game 7 in that series and a late game for the Nets, until...

Yes, Damian Lillard hit a three with 0.9 seconds to go to win the game and the series for the Trail Blazers.

So, that means this: The Brooklyn Nets and Toronto Raptors will play on Sunday, May 4, at 1:00 PM EST on ABC.

Damian Lillard, everyone.