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Brooklyn Nets have interest in Toure' Murry, reports ESPN

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

ESPN reports that the Nets, who have three point guards under contract and hope to retain a fourth, are among a number of NBA teams interested in Toure' Murry, who played for the Knicks last season but could be an unrestricted free agent.

The Knicks can make Murry a restricted free agent and increase their chances of keeping him by extending the Wichita State product a qualifying offer before June 29, ESPN reports. In that scenario, New York could match any offer Murry received in free agency.

The Nets interest in the 6'5" Murry is curious in that they already have Deron Williams, Marquis Teague and Jorge Gutierrez under contract and have said retaining Shaun Livingston is their top off-season priority. Because of his size and deep shooting skills, Murry could also fill in at shooting guard, where the Nets have limited depth.

Murry, who was undrafted, played in 51 games, averaging 2.7 points in 7.3 minutes. He shot 43.4 percent overall and 41.7 percent from deep, but a miserable (for a guard) 59 percent from the stripe. Beyond the Nets, the Bulls and Warriors reportedly have interest in him.  He turns 25 in November.