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Alexis Ohanian: Tech wizard and Brooklyn Nets fan

Alexis Ohanian co-founded Reddit. He's a crusader for Net Neutrality ... and it turns out, for the Nets, too.

Ohanian, who would love to own a (small) piece of his hometown's NBA team, never misses an opportunity to pump up the Nets. He did it again on CNBC Wednesday while talking to Carl Quintanilla of the business channel about New York's increasing role as a tech incubator.

Asked specifically about why he likes Brooklyn over Manhattan, Ohanian smiled a devilish grin, seeing an opening.

"I'm really biased," he replied. "For one, you are going to be closer to an actual pro basketball team that makes it to the playoffs ... I just got a lot of hate tweets from in Knicks fans.

"But also it's a cheaper cost of the living. and frankly, Brooklyn is a neighborhood still on its way," he continued. "You are getting a broader range of the people. bumping into such a range of artists and musicians. that certainly goes in the city. what about the labor pool cost of living is one thing itself? but but you have to find the engineer that is going to help your company be a success. there is no shortage already moving to the city."

Bravo, Mr. Ohanian.