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Brooklyn Nets consider a return for Buck Williams


Buck Williams showed up at Barclays Center for Game 4 in the Toronto series and the Nets put his face up on the scoreboard. And In the last few days, the team's social media has referred his team records on multiple occasions.

Now, Fred Kerber reports, the Nets all-time great may rejoin the team in a front office/ambassadorial role.

Buck Williams, the greatest power forward in the history of the franchise, is being considered for a multi-pronged position with the team with duties including player development plus sponsorship and community relations, according to several league sources.

Kerber quotes a team official as saying, "We’d love to have him and could use him in a million ways," but conceded that it's not a done deal.

Williams remains the Nets’ all-time leader in games played (635), points (10,440), rebounds (7,576), field goals (3,981) and free throws (2,476) and ranks second in blocked shots (696). He also had the most rebounds of ANY player between 1980 and 2000, a total of 13,017.

The Maryland product also served as an assistant coach for the Trailblazers under Nate McMillan.