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Chicago Bulls may be interested in Paul Pierce


It's buried in the Chicago Sun-Times story on the Bulls off-season planning, after the news that Taj Gibson has replaced Carlos Boozer, an amnesty candidate, on the team's depth chart at power forward, how Chicago could have three solid rookies, one Nikola Mirotic, perhaps the top young player in Europe, the others whoever they take at Nos. 16 and 19.

The Bulls of course are in the market for Carmelo Anthony and/or Kevin Love, but Joe Cowley thinks if they don't "go big", they have a back-up plan.

The Bulls will try to go big. If it doesn’t happen, they could use the money from Boozer’s contract to add depth with a player such as Shawn Marion or Paul Pierce.

Would Pierce be interested in Chicago. Tom Thibodeau was the Celtics defensive coach when Pierce and Kevin Garnett won the NBA championship in 2008 and he's done well as a head coach. Chicago could be a contender next year if Derrick Rose comes back healthy and other things, like bringing Mirotic over, work out for them.  But the Nets can pay him more than any other team and does Pierce want to move his family again, becoming a journeyman in search of  ring?

What it does show is that Pierce will have pursuers in free agency.