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Kevin Garnett's options for next year are varied

Mike Ehrmann

Last June, as he dealt with a flurry of texted pitches from Paul Pierce, Deron Williams et al, Kevin Garnett and his agent, Andy Miller were talking money. Garnett was being pursued by the Nets, but had also considered retirement after Celtics (without Rajon Rondo) lost to the Knicks.

Key to those discussions, say league sources, was the Nets willingness to guarantee KG's contract for the 2014-15 season. He knew he was going to make $12.3 million in 2013-14 and had a $6 million guarantee --essentially a buyout-- on the $12 million he owed in 2014-15. Would the Nets guarantee the full $12 million as an enticement for him to join Pierce and Jason Terry in Brooklyn? Ultimately, the answer was yes. Garnett has been a shrewd negotiator over the course of his career, earning $315 million in his 19 years.

Now, KG is apparently mulling retirement again. He doesn't have to hang them up. He could return to the Nets. Jason Kidd wants him back. But if he decides to put in his retirement papers, he almost certainly will want a check for that $6 million, which would stay on the Nets cap.

Why after a disappointing year would he want to come back? As the Nets said last summer, the Boston trade gave them the possibility of a two-year championship window. With their surgeries now past (Brook Lopez) and scheduled (Deron Williams), there's a good possibility the Nets will be healthy. If they can entice Shaun Livingston back, the Nets will have a stronger rotation than they anticipated last year.

What role could KG play? Tim Bontemps, who writes "all indications" are that Garnett will return --"$12 million is an awful lot of money", says it's up in the air, but "finding out whether or not he will return is the first step."