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Jason Kidd's new challenge: the off-season


As Fred Kerber tweeted and Ohm Youngmisuk wrote Tuesday, one of Jason Kidd's best attributes as a coach is his unpredictability.  Ask Erik Spoelstra about how he planned for the last plays in Game 5.

Youngmisuk notes the same, adding, "Unpredictable might be the perfect way to describe Kidd’s roller-coaster first season as head coach. It was a little like his career as a player."

Now, after the whirlwind that was the 2013 (bad) - 2014 (good) season, Kidd will be faced with new challenges as he becomes a full partner in the Draft and free agency. He was hired only two weeks before the 2103 Draft and spent a lot of last summer learning how to be a head coach in the NBA, assembling staff, transitioning from superstar player to rookie coach.  This summer, it's up to him, Billy King and Russian ownership to collaborate fully and take advantage of opportunities to use the team's limited flexibility to build on last season. In other words, be unpredictable again.

Kidd would like to run more. That's a given. He'd also like to see most (but not all) of his roster back. He knows now the benefits of chemistry if he didn't before.  Whether the Nets have enough flexibility to do all of that remains uncertain. .It won't be easy. As Devin Kharpertian writes, the Nets real goal is 2016 and the next great class of free agents.

Still, King has said he now knows what kind of player Kidd wants and will try to get them. No names of course. That would be too predictable.