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NBA Draft 2014: Nets interview Deonte Burton of Nevada

The Brooklyn Nets, who have no draft picks in the 2014 NBA Draft, as of this writing, continue to take a look at second round prospects with the thought that they may find a way to buy a draft pick this year.

Here is the short list of players they have already interviewed:

On Burton, DraftExpress has the athletic 22-year-old Nevada senior as a mid-second rounder. They write:

Burton is deadly in the three areas NBA teams like to see point guard prospects excel the most at the collegiate level—being highly efficient in the pick and roll, isolation, and transition situations. His terrific first step, strong frame, and extreme aggressiveness allow him to make a living driving to the basket, finishing around the rim and getting to the free throw line, despite playing in what appears to be a highly dysfunctional team situation in terms of system or structure, with seemingly very little talent alongside him. He makes an outrageous 66% of his field goal attempts around the basket in the half-court, second best among top-100 prospects, and gets there at an impressive rate as well.Burton would surely seem like a nice fit for Jason Kidd's system, as an athletic, scoring point who a high basketball IQ, who can get to the rim and comes with a high maturity level.

Here is an interview with Burton from the Chicago pre-Draft camp, in which me mentions the Nets as one of the four NBA teams he's interviewed with.