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Jason Kidd fined $25,000 dollars for comments about the officiating during Game 5

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

Jason Kidd made some controversial comments during his conference call with media Thursday afternoon. Kidd publicly critiquing the officials of the Nets Game 5 loss to the Toronto Raptors, namely Tom Washington. He even mentioned a specific play, the final one at that, where DeMar DeRozan took out Shaun Livingston's legs right in front of Washington. Here is the direct quote, courtesy of The Record's Andy Vasquez:

One day later and Kidd has gotten hit with a $25,000 fine from the league.

Kidd also mentioned the lack of calls Joe Johnson received during the fifth game of the series was "mind boggling," and that maybe the Nets should resort to flopping to draw some fouls.

Asked about it, Kidd offered little other than a weather report...

We will see if, despite his fine, Kidd can get have his team get more fouls called their way.