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Andray Blatche guarantees Game 6 victory for the Nets because...why wouldn't he?

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

The Brooklyn Nets are down 3-2 in their first round playoff series against the Toronto Raptors, which means if they lose on Friday night, in Game 6 of their 7-game series, the Nets stay home and the season is over. So, when Andray Blatche was asked if he guarantees a Nets win on Friday night, naturally he answered "Yeah, I mean yeah."

Why would he go and do something like guarantee a Game 6 victory? Because that's the only option, at this point.


From Stefan Bondy of the Daily News:

Andray Blatche was sort of forced into a victory guarantee from the Toronto media, which posed the question something like this: "Paul Pierce said you guys will win (which also was a weak guarantee when it happened after Game 5), are you going to stick with your teammate and guarantee a win?"

Perfect response from Blatche. "Yeah, I mean yeah."

How would you have answered that question, given the situation and the way the question was asked? Would I have guaranteed a victory. Yeah, I mean yeah. How can you not?