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All of Mason Plumlee's 116 dunks in one place!

You may not have asked for it, but now you have it! All of Mason Plumlee's 116 dunks this season, thanks to DownToBuck, whose YouTube channel contains edited video of season highlights, from Plumlee's dunks to Steph Curry and Kyle Korver's three-pointers.

Plumlee finished tenth in the league in dunks, first among rookies, and more importantly ahead of his brother Miles, who finished with 104.

Plumlee should be a great dunker. His pre-draft combine numbers could have predicted it. He's 7'0.5" tall in shoes and although he has a "short" wingspan at 6'11", a little less than Shaun Livingston, his max vertical is 36" and his reach is nine feet. How high is his max vertical, comparatively? It's a half inch higher than what Blake Griffin was measured at in 2009 and between the two Terrence's -- Ross and Jones.