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NBA Rumor: Does Deron Williams want out of Brooklyn?

Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

Brian Geltzeiler of reports that Deron Williams wants out of the Brooklyn Nets.

Geltzeiler reports that there has been a falling out between Nets GM Billy King and Williams and that both sides want to part ways.

Sources have told that this falling out between Williams and Nets management, specifically Nets GM Billy King, has resulted in a mutual decision between the two parties to split.  Williams, and his wife, essentially want out of Brooklyn and King is more than happy to accommodate them.

Devin Kharpertian of The Brooklyn Game, however, reports that a source within in the Nets has denied that Williams has sought a trade from the team.

Kharpertian writes:

A high-level Brooklyn Nets official told The Brooklyn Game that a report that Deron Williams wanted out of Brooklyn "came out of left field" and that Williams has not requested a trade, but acknowledged that Williams has struggled with the burden of expectation since joining the Nets.

"He's frustrated," the source told The Brooklyn Game. "He's not happy with himself. He's not up to his standards in the three years since we got him."

Similarly, insiders tell NetsDaily the story is "absolutely false."

Geltzeiler adds that this will be "easier said than done for King" considering the length and price tag on Williams deal, three years, 63-million dollars. "There's no guarantee that Williams gets dealt," Geltzeiler reports. "Both sides completely understand that the Nets may not be able to get rid of his contract in a way that works for the organization."

The lack of passion and leadership from Williams of late has led to the falling out. "There is widespread frustration in the organization with Deron's lack of confidence and lack of competitive fire," Geltzeiler reports. "Management and the coaching staff have tired of Deron and he's tired of being their object of disappointment."

In the piece, Geltzeiler brings up the Houston Rockets, who pursed Williams earlier in the year. King turned down the Rockets offer abruptly, but Geltzeiler believes that the Rockets can be back in play after Houston's GM Daryl Morrey was quoted of saying he was going to go after an All-Star this offseason. If the Nets were to look at the Rockets as a potential trade partner, Geltzeiler believes "King will not say no." He also points out that the Nets will be able to become a player in free agency if the Nets were to acquire the likes of Omer Asik and Jeremy Lin, who were reportedly offered to Brooklyn in the winter, the team can become a player in free agency as soon as 2015.