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Brooklyn Nets post 'Thank You' video to their fans on Instagram account

It wasn't the ending fans had hoped for, but the 2013-14 season is over, as the Nets lost to the Miami Heat in the Eastern Conference SemiFinals 4-1.

After the loss, the Brooklyn Nets showed their appreciation to their fans by posting a "Thank You" video on their Instagram account. It certainly was an up-and-down season for the team, but much respect needs to be given to the fans who have endured a lot this season. There's been plenty of criticism, both externally and internally among the fans themselves, as some sort of disconnect grew between new fans, the passer-by community and the "truly diehard" Nets fans who showed up, both at Barclays and on various social and digital platforms -- like this ol' site.

New fans, old fans, and the what-have-yous all deserve a tip of the cap, though. The optimist in all of us should look at the fine start the Nets have had in their first two seasons in Brooklyn, and watch as the fan base continues to grow. As a community, there are few out there like Nets fans. You deserve a "Thank You," and more.