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This is how the Brooklyn Nets 2013-14 season ended

The Brooklyn Nets completely collapsed in the fourth quarter of Game 5 against the Miami Heat, losing 96-94 and ending their 2013-14 season in a disappointing fashion. With the Nets having carried a 91-83 lead with 4:48 remaining in the game, the Heat went on a 12-0 run and took a 95-91 lead with 21 seconds remaining.

Joe Johnson hit a big three-pointer with 11 seconds to go to cut the lead to 95-94. LeBron James then went to the free-throw line, hit one of his free throws to give the Heat a 96-94 lead and, well, with 9.4 seconds to go the Nets had the ball and were unable to even get a shot up.

Game over. Season over.

A terribly heartbreaking way to end the season and enter the offseason.